Problems with Wi-Fi Communication

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Problems with Wi-Fi Communication

If you have a problem using Wi-Fi communication:

Make sure you have properly configured the software according to the instructions
that came with your base station.

Make sure the computer or network you are trying to connect to is running and has a
wireless access point.

Make sure your Mac Pro is within antenna range of the other computer or the
network access point. Nearby electronic devices or metal structures can interfere
with wireless communication and reduce this range. Repositioning or rotating the
computer may improve reception.

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Chapter 4

Problem, Meet Solution

Make sure the side panel is closed (follow the instructions starting on page 52) and
the PCI port access covers are in place (see “Adding PCI Express Cards” on page 74).
Antenna reception is reduced when your Mac Pro is not closed properly.

Check the Wi-Fi signal level. You may have up to four bars in the Wi-Fi status icon (Z)
in the menu bar.

For more information about Wi-Fi, choose Help > Help Center and search for “Wi-Fi.”
Also see the instructions that came with the wireless device for more information.