Problems with Software

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Problems with Software

When an application freezes or doesn t respond, Mac OS X provides a way to quit the
application without restarting your computer. Quitting a frozen application may allow
you to save your work in other open applications.

To force an application to quit:


Press Command (x)-Option-Esc or choose Apple () > Force Quit from the menu bar.


Select the name of the application you want to quit in the Force Quit Applications dialog.


Click Force Quit.
The application quits, leaving all other applications open.

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Chapter 4

Problem, Meet Solution

If you have a problem with a software program

Use Software Update to ensure that you have the latest drivers, bug fixes, and
other updates.

For problems with software from a manufacturer other than Apple, contact the

If you have a problem using your computer or working with Mac OS X

Look in Help Center (in the Help menu) for instructions and troubleshooting

For the latest troubleshooting information and software updates, go to the Apple
Support website at