Important Safety Information

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Important Safety Information


Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric

shock, or other injury or damage.

The only way to disconnect power completely from your Mac Pro is to unplug the
power cord from the main power supply. To disconnect your display completely, you
must also unplug its power cable from the computer or power outlet. Make sure that
at least one end of the device s power cord is within easy reach so that you can unplug
the computer or display when necessary.

Always take the following precautions.
Disconnect the power plug (by pulling the plug, not the cord), from your computer or
display and disconnect the phone cord if any of the following conditions exist:

The power cord or plug becomes frayed or otherwise damaged

You spill something into the case

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Chapter 6

Last, but Not Least

Your computer or display is exposed to rain or any other excess moisture

Your computer or display has been dropped or the case has been otherwise damaged

You suspect that your computer or display needs service or repair

You want to clean the computer or the case or screen of the display

If you plan to store your computer for an extended period of time, remove the battery.

For service or questions about your warranty, contact an Apple Authorized Service
Provider or Apple. See “Learning More, Service, and Support” on page 99.